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Culture Collections of microorganisms maintained in Biological Resource Centres and in research laboratories have a fundamental role in underpinning research and testing in many scientific disciplines and applications including  human, animal and plant health, industry, biotechnology, biosecurity, quarantine, the environment, and education.  AMRiN is an initiative of the Australian Microbial Resources Research Network.  AMRiN aims to provide electronic access to information on the location and characteristics of microbial cultures and associated research expertise in Australia to facilitate scientific advances and efficiency through collaboration.  Funds are being sought to support Australian culture collections to manage the information available on their cultures and to make this information available through AMRiN.  The AMRiN website will provide electronic access to this information, promote exchange of information between participants, and communicate information relevant to those who research or use Australian microbial resources.  The long term aim of AMRiN will be to provide an up-to-date inventory of the biogeographic distribution of Australian microorganisms and microbial genetic resources, a key element of the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF).

We hope that both users and participants find AMRiN a useful facility and that it will continue to expand to meet the growing need for information on Australian microbial resources.  We welcome your feedback and encourage you to alert us to new sources of information.

Lindsay Sly
Network Coordinator

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